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Speculative Futurism

Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, in 1909, wrote and distributed the Futurist Manifesto. With an advocacy ‘to demolish museums and libraries’, the text spoke of “the beauty of speed” and promoted an aesthetic appreciation of modern machines . Today, artists and designers are once again embracing this sentiment, dreaming of elaborate and wondrous new ways in which to foresee […]

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Conscious Tech

Technology is becoming more intelligent. Artists and designers are being urged to hand over control to algorithm, data and sensory input. But this should not devalue, nor discredit the creative process, on the contrary, it should promote its intuition. Generative designer and fine artist Eno Henze created the above and below ‘Ambush‘ pieces by attempting to programme a computer to draw like […]

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It’s been feared that globalisation may normalise our culture. Perhaps one retaliation to that notion is the emerging popularity of hyperreality. A movement that embraces the absurdity of modern life. Anny Wang is one artist / designer working, mostly on commission, in a very specific style that exemplifies the hyperreality torrent. Often using cultural iconography as a main focus in her images, Anny dreams […]

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Onwards and Upwards

  Brutal simplicity of thought Living in London has been a real creative learning curve, one thing I’ve learnt is to streamline and simplify, not just the imagistic and compositional style of my work but the ideas and thoughts communicated. Good communication design gets a message out quickly and coherently, I feel the re-design of this portfolio […]

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Mapping Happiness.

For my most recent project, I’m developing a ‘Happy Map’. Essentially, it’s going to be a live, online temperature map of geo-located ‘happiness’. To do this, I’m creating some javascript files that will sweep social media for smiley faces, ( that is ‘:)’ and ‘:(‘, not some sort of facial recognition technology, though that would […]

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New site, new leaf.

I’ve just finished re-developing my website. Any creatives out there will know that such a process is one of frustrating fear and self-loathing. Filtering through old work, describing ones own intentions and the increasing societal pressure to ‘self-brand’ can only drive designers to complete insanity. As a result of this, I’ve decided not to ‘self-brand’ […]

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Design Trends Neo Materialism Featured Image

Design Trends: Neo Materialism

The future is a well kept secret. In design direction, creative analysts and futurologists predict, with a great deal of accuracy what will be ‘on trend’ for the coming years. But if you really dig deep, you realise, as designers, we’re carving our own paths. Let’s take S/S 2015′s biggest emerging macro-trend and compare it to the work being produced by emerging designers.

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