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Utilitarian Revolution

Product, Price, Place and Promotion must make room for the fifth P of marketing, Purpose. Appealing exclusively to emotional and rational instinct is becoming banal and prosaic. Consumers are aware, more than ever, of an advertiser’s tactics. It’s time to do the honourable thing and instil irrefutable purpose in our work. “We only escape from ourselves” – Antoine Geiger […]

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Back to the Drawing Board

Video and photography are experiencing the resurgence of a more primitive medium: illustration. As advertisers strive for an evermore impactful punch, we delve into the learnings of traditional methods. Our hyperreal industry pushes toward the new and innovative, but could these progressions be correlating with further abstractions from human truths? The trouble with photography, for all its exceptional qualities, is […]

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Randian Objectivism and its influence on Silicon Valley’s ‘Californian Ideology’ promised a world in which the machines would watch over us, leaving individuals free to endeavour in their pursuit of happiness. But has technology made life easier, or are our new simplicities delivering us from frustrations with the chaotic and anxiety-inducing world it has created? I like to think (it has to be!) of […]

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The Synopticon

Bentham’s Panopticon provided a sociological metaphor: surveillance ensures conformity. The traditional order of society works to the same principles. But every coin has two sides, and in the age of technology not only do the few watch the many, but now, the many watch the few. Introducing the age of The Synopticon. The Panopticon’s design […]

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Liquid Iconoclasts

Fetishisation and demonisation are the ebb and flow of liquid modernity. As opulents surf national borders, the masses, defined by them, wade for their survival. United, however, by an ambiguation of identity. Modern societies strive on ordering chaos and simplifying complexity. In order to expand, our economies must streamline and untangle. Tech industries yearn to make our lives […]

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Transhuman Singularity

Parallels between networked technologies and our natural realm reign supreme in critical thought. Though the line between valuable output and gimmick is seemingly all too fine. Exponential development of ‘the internet of things’ suggests that it’s only a matter of time before we must confront our relationship with technology. While this poses challenges in fields […]

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The Polarity Paradox

With an abundance of choice and drought in resource, fleeting extremes replace the middle ground in consumer lifestyles.   Why diet all the time when you could simply fast for two out of seven days a week? This is the principle behind the increasingly popular 5:2 diet, it’s also a great example of a new […]

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Art and Advertising

The relationship between art and advertising is ever strengthening, but is this a revelation or merely a spotlight upon a lifelong affinity? Last week the creative world saw an end to one of the most prolific and successful modern day art-fashion collaborations. Louis Vuitton announced fans would only have two weeks to pick up an item […]

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Biomimetics and Symbiosis

Biomimetics or biomimicry is the imitation of the models, systems, and elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex human problems. Symbiosis is the close and often long-term interaction between two or more different biological species. “Asking now how our ability to read, copy and rewrite life code will benefit consumers is like asking very […]

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The New New Age

New Ageism emerged in the late 60’s: a spiritual movement defined by an introduction of eastern culture to the west. It could be linked with resistance to the Vietnam war as well as ‘the war on drugs’, offering a peaceful alternative to the mainstream attitude at the time. Typical themes, borrowed from Buddhism and Hinduism, include a holistic world view, mindfulness and compassion. In 2015 we’re beginning to see […]

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