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Lego – Create

Advertising Campaign / Video Advert

After a lot of research, looking at past campaigns, competitor campaigns and a lot of successful conceptual stuff, I found that, for me, selling Lego is simple. The product brands itself, its value to us as a society and it’s core purpose is to teach kids to be creative, so that’s what any Lego advertising should say. Create. I decided a clear, bold representation of this should be applied. There were some strict brand guidelines to adhere to. I decided The communication should hint at psychology and strong minds but leave a blank canvas for the imagination to conjure up it’s own message, just as the simple Lego bricks allow a child to create anything at all. To accompany the poster campaign I created an matching stop motion video advert that could be used on TV and the web, the concept was the same, to portray a blank mind and activate creativity with a single brick. Again, the idea wasn’t to be on the ‘hard sell’ but to present something worth thinking about.

To create the stop motion video I first had to design and construct an infinite white background. I did this by having components laser cut and assembling them in the appropriate shape, following this I draped a matte white piece of vinyl in an L shaped curve. I then set up three LED light-panels around the space, after white balancing the camera and making a few adjustments I’d achieved the infinite white space I’d hoped for. It represented the blank canvas upon which a child can create anything. I shot the video for the advertising campaign entirely on a Canon 450D DLSR, the camera doesn’t automatically shoot stop motion video, I first took over 3,000 stills and stitched them together in post production. I then applied the images to the voice over I’d had recorded.

advertising campaign lego create red poster design jacob armitage 2012