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d5 media featured image new jacob armitage 2012
d5 media featured image new jacob armitage 2012
d5 media featured image new jacob armitage 2012

D5 Media

Brand Identity / Web Video / Stationery Design

Sometimes the hardest client to satisfy is yourself. Having no limitations or guidelines is often the biggest hindrance on our creative output. D5 Media is one third my brain child. As a collective we undertake creative projects and as art director it was my responsibility to handle the visual appearance of our branding. I decided our brand should be bold, clear and clean. It should be from a neo-modernist approach. It shouldn’t convey any strong message, the branding should simply label us, we should let our work speak for itself. D.F.I.V.E stands for Design, Film, Illustration & Visual Effects and for the past 17 months we have provided these services at a commercial level.

I developed this simple branding. The asterisk has 5 points and represents each arm of our ideology. The asterisk also represents a mark of importance or approval. Part of the reason for choosing it was for the fact it could be written without need for a graphic element i.e. ‘D5 Media*’. Measuring the quality of branding is often difficult, especially when there’s no client involved. However it has been received with much appraisal with clients often commenting on the layout of corresponding documents. Now that I have graduated I intend to take a back seat with the company, opening up my options to work for larger companies, though the others involved will still pursue D5 Media and it will continue to serve Huddersfield and the surrounding areas.

Taking a leading role in the business has not only taught me how to deal with clients and manage projects effectively but it has helped me to appreciate how a business can be run, how people expect to be treated and how much work needs to be put into a project even in the preliminary stages. in the 17 months we’ve been operating I’ve learnt a lot about the creative industries, identified flaws in competitors services and tailored our own to offer something new and original. I did not intend to acquire this business orientated knowledge but I am grateful for it. Even though the business has been moderately successful, I feel my time in future circumstances is best spent in a more creative situation. My skills, education and upbringing would certainly suggest this.

During the early stages, I produced a lot of marketing literature, the prospectus (pictured above) was one of the essential tools we used to generate work. The booklet was printed and sent out to carefully selected large local companies along with a DVD featuring some of our best video work. We soon found the businesses we were dealing with expected a transparent pricing structure, we reacted immediately and produced a corresponding rates card which was sent out with future copies of the prospectus. The rates card and prospectus were matching documents, they strongly carried the brand image which, of course, matched our website, business cards, letterheads, invoices and project proposals. All of which received compliments.