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Mission Statement

ELX asked me to come up with a way of quickly and effectively communicating the nature of their business, it was decided that we should work together to develop a brand image, animation and website .

21st Century Patronage

“Throughout history, patrons have commissioned artists to translate their ideas into art and supported artists with whom they had an affinity. These collaborations are now considered to be landmarks in art history. The relationship between artist and patron is of immensely high value but it is also fragile. Such partnerships can reach a universal audience, if managed correctly. This is where ELX specialise. We match-make artists and brands who have the right chemistry. Their relationship is managed carefully. We protect the integrity of the artist as well as the interests of the patron to ensure the success of collaborative projects. Our projects are either artist led (an artist has a brilliant idea that requires brand support) or patron led (a brand has a problem or idea that artists can respond to). We provide a brokerage and management service that benefits both artists and patrons. ELX is an alternative to conventional advertising that supports artists and creates inspiring, emotive content.”