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Breed Communications

Mission Statement / Brand Video

Breed communications asked me to develop a short animated video that would convey their brands mission statement. It had to both attract projects and clients to the company as well as appear a desirable organisation to crowd sourced creatives. Using my skills as a graphic designer combined with animation and filmmaking techniques I developed this promotional mission statement animated video. I decided the style of the piece should be subtle, taking some inspiration from Apple’s WWDC 2013 Keynote Intro. The video focusses on a philosophical ideal outlined by Alan Watts in this lecture. It uses the theory to outline the importance of delegation, a cornerstone factor in Breed’s services.

The animated text in the video reads:

Power. The power to think. The power to feel. The power to control. How do we obtain power? In delegating control, we obtain power. It would seem a paradox, that to give control is to obtain control. We don’t have to tell our hearts to beat. They just beat. We have already delegated that authority. To our hearts Because our hearts are the best at beating. To obtain power over a creative challenge? We must delegate control. There are thousands of problems. But only one solution We think. We feel. We control. We are an organic entity. With eight hundred working parts. In delegating control we are the solution. We are Breed.

After reading into the companies background, provided literature and the eastern philosophy upon which the concept is based, I developed the aforementioned script. Following this I storyboarded and sketched out the words with appropriate iconography. After animating the piece I produced a little sound design to emphasise what was going on in the video. Breed were delighted with their mission statement video and began implementing it immediately.