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Not This

For centuries designers have been mastering the art manipulation, driven by a consumerist society that constantly confuses want and need. ‘The Designer’ has been belittled, bowing their head in submission of a world that seeks to numb its primal instinct, feeding desire with false happiness.

A fear – greed dichotomy rules us, ‘The Designer’ is forced to glamourise the mundane and fetishise the basic and uninteresting. At London Design Festival you’ll find yourself staring at inanimate objects brainwashed into believing they’re somehow an extension of your sexual appendages. For years now, attendees of these ‘parades of the pointless’ have come to expect and feel comfortable with the discussion of ‘aesthetics’ and how the curvaceous chair that sits before them is a ‘socio-economic expression of contemporary furniture’.

Fifty young designers from the far reaches of the world have come together in London to challenge the requirements of design practice. NOT THIS is an exhibition of their works, that broaden the definition of ‘design’, beyond the realms of pretty posters and unusual chairs.


To question everything, to have your beliefs challenged, your ideas threatened and your mind expanded. To understand something you never understood before, to consider the inconsiderable and project yourself into worlds previously unchartered.


To gorp at an over-priced IKEA show room, to have buzzwords bound upon you like a User Experiencing, Content consuming, Web Guru sponge.