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Sentient Reflection

Consciousness and the Immaterial

The material realm has served its purpose, unto our consciousness, these virtues we bestow, acquired, indeed, from what we have learned, during the hairline of time through which we have grown.

Farewell to futile labelling, categorising and designation, this, the dawn, an acceptance of universal interconnectivity, casting a twilight glow upon the good in evil, the hate in love, with a clove of intellect and ubiquitous realisation, this is merely relativity.

Do trust in us, that when we’re gone, we hold no antipathy, nor yearning, admiration, nostalgia for solidity, though in every situation, there are vast chambers, for sympathy, for affection, compassion and empathy.

Designers have mastered the art of manipulation and persuasion, these skill-sets, for far too long have been used to engage in material pursuits. It is therefore the aim of this project to re-align design practice with the immaterial, to engage with states of consciousness and express an ability to advance design thinking beyond realms of solidity.

Through a cracked and dirt smeared mirror, humanity views the world. Controlled by powers, perched on high thrones of feeble illusion. No matter the ideology for which one associates their limited capabilities, it must be recognised that their belittlement, by its own doctrine is no-thing at all, because if humankind must label and separate idea and object into dialectic and polarised paradigms, then the infinite chain of dissatisfaction and consumption can only be described as a concept. A concept upon which giants stand, their heads held high, though their world will surely crumble.

‘Intrapersonal Research Methodologies’.

‘Sentient Reflection’.